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A summary of this young man’s life is not to be undermined. Striving to find placement in society with academic struggles and confusion, he never let mainstream culture predict his path in life. It was when Prescott discovered wheels, did he discover who he was. His passion grew into a rebirth of a new and mysterious image. The artistic abilities came wavering through as he worked countless hours until each stunt was accomplished with precision.


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Give my friends a safe place to ride!


Why Mt. Washington, KY is Building Funds for a High-Quality Skatepark and How It’s a Valuable Community Asset

Skateboarders and the skateparks they call home are often misunderstood. When compared with the traditional team sports like football and baseball, which have become engrained in our culture, skateboarding and action sports are still on the fringe of mainstream society. Negative stereotypes continue to portray skateboarders as social outlaws with little respect for authority. It is not surprising then, that skateparks are looked upon in a similar light and are often a low priority in a city’s planning efforts.

When you move beyond these outdated stereotypes though, it becomes clear that skateparks provide a vital space for people to stay active and be a part of a unique community. In countless cities around the world, well-built skateparks have proven to be valuable community assets with tremendous benefits. Instead of viewing skateboarding as a negative problem that needs to be solved, these forward-thinking communities have found ways to embrace these sports while showcasing their artistic and acrobatic spirit.

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Upcoming Fundraisers:


May 9, 2015

Family Fun Day @ Club Fitness!

611 N. Bardstown Rd

10 am- TBD



May  16, 2015

Bikes with Wings Annual Yard sale!

First Baptist Church off N. Bardstown Rd / Enter off Snapp St.

If you’re “Spring cleaning’, don’t forget to sit aside your junk for our treasure! Please notify Chrystal O’Bryan (502-810-4276) for pick ups and times for drop.













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Board of Directors

Teammember Chrystal O'Bryan
Chrystal O'Bryan

Teammember Rena Sharpe
Rena Sharpe
Vice President

Teammember Sara Goodman
Sara Goodman

Teammember Ladonna Eschman
Ladonna Eschman

Committee Members:


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  • Maria McKinley
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  • Donna Waterhouse
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