Prescott was brought into this world a special miracle. His parents Chrystal and Jeff adored him from the first breath he took January 17, 1997. He was born 9:17 pm; 5lbs 3ozs; 18in long and as a premature baby he showed attributes of a relentless personality. He was a child never to be contained and wanted to learn everything the long way around. He was the nucleus of his parent’s lives.

Not only did he leave behind his mother and father, he also said goodbye to step-parents in the process. Sara Goodman and Matt O’Bryan were strong platforms in his young forming life. A united family was brought together early on for the love of the children that led into strong friendships and devotion to one another in parenting. He had two brothers Parker, 11, and Palmer, 2. Prescott was the epitome of perfection to his brothers. Through aggravating times the brothers often shared, Parker would continuously look to his older brother as a guide. He leaned on his wisdom and embraced his humor as the rest of his family often did with countless pranks and quirky jokes. Palmer, still grasping a firm balance, knew he couldn’t quite catch up with his older brothers but once Prescott carried him in his arms, the love radiated between the two. Prescott always fostered being the older brother. The soft spot he always held for small children will never be forgotten.

Baseball was introduced to Prescott at an exceptionally young age of 4yrs old. From pointing at airplanes and building dirt mounds in the fields, his father was persistent in his athletic success that carried him up through the final days of his life. He played 3rd base, outfield and casual pitching. He enjoyed rising up to any challenge, and loved being a part of a team. #5, you will always be making homeruns in our memory of you.


When he discovered two wheels around the age of 13, he began a new life of excitement with a whole new set of challenges. Simple riding down the street led to homemade ramps in the front yard that grew into daring and fearless spins that would raise any parent’s eyebrow. With his captivating grey eyes and his long blonde hair that glistened in the sun, dressing up was never a priority. His daily wardrobe consisted of a T-shirt and jeans and was a trademark of his BMX image.

Outside on a decent day, you would find Prescott with his best friend, Riley. On their manmade dirt hill paradise, these two kids hand crafted specific dirt ramps of various sizes and levels of expertise. Countless hours of repetitious stunts and acrobatic abilities eventually led into the recipe we all desire in friendships. Of like minds and one focus, these boys were the modern age pioneers of outdoor life. His own image he created for himself was admired by many others than just Riley. He left behind an army of friends that all were deeply affected by this loss in their life.

A permanent tattoo he etched on this town led to a legacy he left behind. A lesson to all of us that life can change on a dime and to foster our talents. Without passion there is very little to go on and our life will always be a blank canvas until we add that splash of color. May we all look up to him as a reminder that all can be achieved through dedication and courage.