About Us

Our journey is fueled by a powerful blend of passion, safety advocacy, and a tight-knit community united by a common purpose.

In Memory Of

Prescott Lee Goodman

Prescott’s journey was anything but conventional. Amid academic challenges and a search for his place in society, he defied the confines of mainstream expectations. It was through the discovery of wheels that he unearthed a newfound identity, one driven by passion and purpose. 

With each revolution of those wheels, a transformation unfolded—a fusion of artistry and determination. Countless hours were dedicated to perfecting each stunt, revealing his remarkable knack for precision and pushing boundaries. Prescott’s life stands as a testament to a spirit unyielding, an embodiment of resilience and a commitment to carving his unique path.

Give my friends a safe place to ride! -Prescott

Our Story

Join us in honoring Prescott's legacy and making a lasting impact.

In the wake of this tragedy, our founder rallied a committed group of individuals, forming a united front that evolved into the Bikes with Wings movement. By August 2012, we achieved 501c-3 status and became an agency of Bullitt County, Kentucky. Our resolute goal: to foster awareness and create safe spaces where passionate individuals can gather and express themselves.

In just four years, our collective efforts bore fruit, raising an astounding $400,000. This achievement culminated in the opening of the PLG Skatepark in 2016—a sprawling 7,000 sq ft concrete haven for acrobatic pursuits and youthful camaraderie.

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Guiding Our Vision

Meet Our Board of Directors and Committee Members

In the dynamic tapestry of Bikes with Wings, our Board of Directors and Committee Members are the navigators who steer our course, ensuring our mission takes flight with unwavering commitment and vision.

Chrystal O'Bryan


Rena Sharpe

Vice President

Sara Goodman


Ladonna Eschman